Occipital Lobe

Cami. 23. Florida. Life will never be what it seems. Take every day as a lesson, even if nothing happens. Music has been my escape since 3. Dream of being a musician and working my way back to it.

Actually, tbh this website has ruined my life. If I never joined this site, none of whats going on in my life would of happened. Therefore i’m done with this site. I joined this website for the love of it. Now I come to it when I’m pissed, hurt, or upset and its not worth it. Its all just a reminder of the bullshit I put myself through. Its not making my life better, it doesnt release stress or make me unbored anymore. Its just a waste. Sadly I still like the site for the concept but im just over it. It might just be tumblr, some blogging website, but what ive come to terms with is this website and I should of been the thing I broke up with awhile back.


Just when I thought that progress was being made, now I gotta start over.

Losing the progress it what hurts the most, then well you know.

Youre never really asleep, youre never really awake.Fight Club

How the hell is someone suppose to think and stay positive when nothing positive is happening around them?

Nothing I have said has registered to you in the last 2 months and you really expect me to not say something fucked up? You won’t talk to me or even listen to me when I get the slightest chance. Then when you want to talk you expect me to give in when its all shit I’ve said before. I’m tired of giving into all you want, when I have wants and needs too.

I said I’d fight back. I didn’t say that I’d fight fair.